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Sustainable fabric


"It takes a village to create Piña"


We quickly developed an effective local chain. I am always amazed by the local creativity and "Can-do" mentality. There are people who collect the leaves, others who transport them, and still others who run them through the machine. Soon we got the hang of the process together, and we baptized the name into PIÑA!


AW Collection

Piña fabric



We want to reach conscious designers who, together with us, want to get even more out of this material. Think of clothing, fabric for furniture, accessories, wallpaper, etc. We are looking for parties who want to innovate sustainably and contribute to a better world. We believe that we need to grab this opportunity today! And yes, because everything is partly made by hand and because it is a natural product, it also requires patience and respect. Purchases can be made per meter, and together we can further personalize the fabric, color and use!

Follow my journey or travel with me? Feel free to reach out!



100% PINA.

Dream came true! Finally, We made a fabric from 100% pineapple leaves.

Plant-based substance fabric.

The cream color of the fabric is the color of the leaves after drying them in the sun, and we don't use water.

95% Pineapple and 5% cotton strings to connect to strong fabric, and Piña is born!

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Do you want to get a tropical feeling in your own home? That is very easy with our Pinã fabric, from cushions to curtains and tablecloths! You can make it home everywhere to make it fit together in your interior.

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The fabrics are naturally colored with papaya and mango leaves. So much is possible, but what that is depends on the wishes of you.

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